Appeal for help

We are looking for members to join our committee. Some of us are well into our retirement years and won’t be able to carry on indefinitely. We have lost several members of our team in the last few years, some who have sadly died and others who for many reasons have been unable to continue due to other commitments.
You may well be a parent with children and it’s you joining the committee that might just be the thing that keeps us going. You might have an interest in helping with social media or have a keen interest in family history, or just want to see things keeping going. The main aim of the unity since the 1830s has been to make sure the trustees of the will of Alderman Norman are fulfilling their role and also listening to and working with descendants. (I’m glad to say they are and we have an excellent relationship).
We also want to try to find families who may not know of or in fact be applying for grants they are entitled to. In recent times the numbers of those applying have significantly declined despite age limits being lowered.
Another idea we have is that you maybe be interested in becoming an online committee member joining us by Zoom. If this is you or someone in your family, please get in touch. If you have the thoughts of “Oh I’m not sure about helping out”. Why not take the plunge and come and attend a meeting to see if you might be interested or contact me for an informal chat my details are below and also elsewhere on this website.
I look forward to hearing from you. My contact details are: 01603 387637 or

David Self
Unity chairman