The Will

Alderman John Norman’s will is a document, of some 10,000 words, which describes in detail how provision should be made for the education of his male descendants, and those of his first wife’s families.

His “will and mind” was that every two years after his death another boy should be helped with his education or apprenticeship until, 60 years later, there would be sufficient boys for a boarding school to be built. He gave exact details of how the school should be built, what the boys should wear and what they should eat. He also gave instructions concerning the qualifications of any Headmaster; he was to be an MA. Latin and Greek were to be taught. There were never sufficient funds to build his “ideal” school though a school was eventually started and was in existence until 1934.

The “First Schedule” of the will details those whose descedants were to benefit from the Foundation:

  • Alderman John Norman (the Testator) born 1657, died in 1724.
  • Thomas Norman, Cousin of Testator’s father.
  • Thomas Mace, Father of Ann Mace.
  • John Lindley, Uncle of Testator.
  • George Lindley, Uncle of Testator.
  • Mrs Ann Whitlock (born Norman), Cousin of Testator.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Moore (born Norman), Cousin of Testator.
  • Mrs Esther Cobb (born Bradford), Step Aunt of Testator.
  • Dr Bradford, Step Uncle of Testator.
  • Roger Mace, Uncle of Ann Mace.
  • Susan Laws (born Dawes) Cousin of Ann Mace.

Copies of the Will are available to descendants.